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Hello and welcome to The Sweet Sweat Life!

Life can be amazing and messy all at the same time. Basically, you have to put in a little sweat to see the rewards in life. Through this website, I hope to create and shape confident, fit women. This starts with getting fit from the inside out, by feeding your mind with positive thoughts and treating your body with love. I want to help you, and women like you, gain the courage to pursue your dreams and passions, both in fitness and in life.

I am an ACE certified personal trainer and a certified yoga instructor, specializing in women’s fitness and wellness, teaching classes, and learning the ropes of being a new mom. I spent 6 years as a professional dancer with the Denver Nuggets Dancers and Denver Broncos Cheerleaders. During my dance career, you would have thought I had it all together, but for most of it, that was not the case. I struggled with body image issues and I lacked the confidence to be my authentic self.

I always thought to fit in and be accepted, I had to look a certain way, act a certain way, and think a certain way. I didn't have the confidence to be me. During my yoga training, I was finally able to begin the journey of overcoming my fear of not being accepted and just be myself. It was such a freeing moment in my life, which is why I want to do the same for you!

To live The Sweet Sweat Life means you’ll have to get real with yourself and face your insecurities and fears. You’ll have to put in the work, with a little sweat and tears, to see the the sweet results. I’ll provide exercises, nutrition tips, and inspirational blogs to help you find the confidence to be the best version of YOU!.


01234 567809
01234 567809